Our Inspiration

The idea of Operation MCP (Making Careers Possible) was conceived after the passing of United States Army Sergeant Michael Carlo Petrilli. 

Sgt Petrilli served in Vietnam and upon his return, resources to help veterans return to civilian life were scarce.

To honor her late father, our Founder, Daniela Petrilli, asked herself what she could do to help veterans. With her educational background and professional experience in human resources, Operation MCP was born.

Operation MCP assists veterans and service members with résumé writing and interview preparation to transition them from the military to the civilian workforce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help put veterans and service members back to work. After their sacrifices and service to protect the United States of America, it is our duty to help veterans and service members transition back to civilian life. What better way than to help prepare them for their new careers?

Some facts to consider*
•    12% of the homeless adult population are veterans
•    20% of the male homeless population are veterans
•    68% reside in principal cities
•    32% reside in suburban/rural areas
•    51% of individual homeless veterans have disabilities
•    50% have serious mental illness
•    70% have substance abuse problems
•    51% are white males, compared to 38% of non-veterans
•    50% are age 51 or older, compared to 19% non-veterans

There are more than 40,000 homeless veterans and service members in the United States today. One of the many ways we can combat veterans' homelessness is by helping them become employed. 

That is where Operation MCP comes in. Operation MCP helps veterans and service members assess their skills, write a résumé, and prepare for interviews so they may enter the workforce.

* Statistics from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Our Founder

Daniela Petrilli was born and raised in New Jersey. In 2002, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts with minors in Marketing and Psychology from Caldwell University. After working in publishing, television and public relations, she decided to pursue graduate school.

In 2007, she received her Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies and Leadership from Kean University. In 2008, she became certified in Human Resources Studies by Cornell University. After completing her education, Daniela relocated to Washington, DC where she currently works in human resources. 

Daniela is extremely passionate about and believes it is vitally important to give back to the community. In her spare time, her volunteer work includes animal and United States military causes. Her other interests include: travel, attending concerts, yoga and spending time with friends and her adopted cat, Sweetie.