Building Your Network

Acquaintances are those people to whom I have been introduced at some point, perhaps a meeting, seminar, volunteer function, or online event. We share something in common as the basis for starting our connection – membership in an association, attendance at the same university, a volunteer activity or the same soccer team for our kids. I view these connections as informational relationships which, over time, can move into another category, but many will never progress beyond this category. 

My Military Experience: An Interview with Former USMC Corporal Andrew Ambrogio

The Crucible is the application of the 12 weeks of training, including trust building exercises and camaraderie over a 36 hour period.  We were required to hike to an area with huts and a forest.  The weather was extremely hot. While wearing our full gear, flak jacket, uniform and a rifle, we had to complete various tasks and missions where we had to rely on fellow Marines.